Key functionalities

Get to know the main sections of the application.

Therapeutic programs

Dedicated therapy programs tailored to the type of addiction.

Video chat

Private therapy sessions conducted from anywhere.

Support network

Send messages on general and private channels with other users.

Chat with a therapist

Free therapeutic consultation. Mondays and Wednesdays, start at 21:00

Other functionalities

Discover additional sections of the application.

Diary of hunger
Make self-assessment of your condition

The diary of hunger is a very good tool that we can support the process of our recovery and identify, for example, relapses.

A diary of feelings
Make self-assessment of your condition

The diary of feelings is an interesting, helpful tool, widely used in the treatment of emotional disorders.

Analyze the self-evaluation results

Summary of the week, month, quarter - symptoms of hunger, feelings, hunger alerts and treatment tips sent to the mail / sms / push and view of your account in the application.


First steps with the application


Download applications from Google Play for free. Version for iOS in preparation.


Enter your login, set avatar or photo. Familiarize yourself with the regulations and join our community.

Sign In

Enter your individual login and password to log in securely to your account.


Make yourself comfortable in the application that allows you to build a support network, make self-assessments, participate in therapeutic sessions, counteract relapse, recover.

Number of downloads
Happy users
Active users
Supplemented diaries of hunger


Sample views of application screens


Get to know all the sections of the application.


It is a place where you have quick access to all application functions. In addition, you will see on it: sobriety counter, motivating messages, test result, etc.


Badges of sobriety, activity in the application, hunger diaries, feelings, etc - mechanism of gamification. Automation of processes reminiscent of supplementing the diary of hunger and feelings sent to mail / sms / push.


Definitions, test / alcohol questionnaire, guides and many other useful information. Warning signals. Entering application settings from the knowledge base level.


Messages on the general and private channel between users. From the user profile screen, you can start a private conversation with him.


At any time, you can block the display of messages from users who do not support you in returning to health and publish content that you do not accept.


Always located from the place where you are currently. A map view with full address details.


Packages suited to your needs.

  • Newsfeed
  • A diary of feelings
  • General news
  • Private messages
  • Diary of hunger
  • Knowledge base
  • Chat - general consultations
  • Blocking users
  • Reports on health
25 monthly
  • Newsfeed
  • A diary of feelingsć
  • General news
  • Private messages
  • Diary of hunger
  • Knowledge base
  • Chat - general consultations
  • Blocking users
  • Reports on health
  • Therapeutic program
    1 month - tasks in the application
120 monthly
  • Newsfeed
  • A diary of feelings
  • General news
  • Private messages
  • Diary of hunger
  • Knowledge base
  • Chat - individual consultations
  • Blocking users
  • Reports on health
  • Therapeutic program
    1 month - tasks in the application
  • Video chat - session 60 min


Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to buy a separate session with a therapist regardless of the package?

    Yes, you can check the availability of our therapists on the calendar at any time and purchase an individual therapy session. The session time is 50-60 min.

  • Is the therapeutic consultation a therapeutic session?

    No therapeutic consultations take place twice a week and these are general meetings where the therapist provides information about treatment, tasks, tests, etc.

  • Are online therapeutic sessions effective?

    Internet therapy is as effective as traditional, but it is less expensive for the patient and more profitable for the health system, and also saves time therapist. Psychological Internet interventions are more effective than traditional forms of help in increasing the level of knowledge and changing behaviors. In addition, as many as 91% of respondents using telemedicine have expressed positive about this method of support and declare their willingness to use this method again.

  • Is there an application version for iOS?

    We are working on this version and we hope that by the end of the year we will be able to publish it on the App Store

  • Why this application?

    The goal of the Mobile Application together with the integrated artificial intelligence module is the possibility of using it to prevent recurrent relapses (as many as 52% of people completing the therapy have a relapse and count the mishap), motivation to change and learn self-observation.

  • Will the application use artificial intelligence algorithms?

    In the next three years, the system will use artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques, and thus - as the first in the world - will be able to assess the likelihood of breaking abstinence and proposing the most optimal therapeutic solutions. All this to even more effectively support the treatment process - both from the perspective of application users and therapists.


"When I am able to diagnose myself, it is an easier method to avoid being helpless. [...] When he sees that he has 15 qualities that signal addiction, he will come to me and believe me more. "


Currently, the application is available only on Android smartphones, but works on the iOS version are in progress.

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